Legends of the 238 


Twas it made in vintage fair ,With sun or shade or frosty air , The left side of the hill or right, Which may connote a different price
With gravelly soil to torture root, The terroir here is never moot, Tended by Latin hand or Frank, The left or yet the right bank
Here we sniff and swill (not spit), And try to make some sense of it, And then we will pontificate, We legends of the 238
Yet better men have gone before, Whose exploits now are folk lore, When landing on this oriental shore, Did determine to explore
They sought the finest food and drink, and every month they did sink, Tooth and claw in finest flesh, Paired with libations fresh
Now let us remember our giant Tueton, Who always laid the finest food on, for all to bear, Harrying the maidens fair
Or Ben and Scott of the Langedoc, our  wine a walking book, Let’s not forget Joerg Heil, Who has to balance the books
So raise a glass to those wise men, The precursors of our brethren
For wine does more than scripture can, To justify God’s ways to Man
The primary objective of Beefsteak and Burgundy Clubs is to create an environment where members share knowledge and experience great wine, food, and fellowship

On 1st April, 1954 the first official meeting of The Foundation Club, to become known as The Club, was held at the Ambassadors Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia. This meeting involved 8 people, now known as the First Eight.

Over 320 International Clubs 0
Started in 1954 0
Original 238 21 years in Shanghai 0


20th Anniversary of Shanghai Beefsteak and Burgundy

2017  marked the 20th Anniversary of Shanghai Beefsteak and Burgundy,  Original 238. A special anniversary dinner was held at Chop Chop Club and attended by old and new member that had been enveloped with the club over that past 20 years

We were honored to have Michelin star Chef Paul Pairet there to prepare some amazing dishes to mark the occasion.

At the dinner hosted by the President , each delegate was presented with a 20th Anniversary Wine Glass and Handkerchief which included the history of Beefsteak and Burgundy by Lord Brendan Tansey

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